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What are the programs/agenda for the event?

Equipment and Manufacturing WEST AFRICA is a 3-day exhibition taking place alongside a technical conference, business matching and product displays. You will see live products and solutions at display during the event and can attend these technical conference sessions as per your interest. The detailed conference program is available on website

What are the charges/fee to attend?

Equipment & Manufacturing  WEST AFRICA is free to attend for all business visitors.

Where do I go when I arrive at the venue?

If you pre-registered for the event, you should have received your registration confirmation email Or visitor code when you registered. Bring along the code to ‘Online Registration’ desk and collect your name badge and complimentary show directory. The registration area is located in main entrance at exhibition hall.

I have not registered online; can I register when  I arrive?

Yes, simply fill up the ‘visitor registration form’ and submit at Visitor registration counter. You are encouraged to attach your business card to the form. You must be older than 18 years to visit the event